The Importance of Brand Management

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Do I have a manager or brand identity enforcer? Once your brand is established, that should be your first question you ask yourself. Keeping your brand consistent is just as important as developing the brand itself. Having someone that manages and enforces consistency with your brand is a must. Consistency builds confidence. The more consistent the brand is to the customer across all advertising and marketing mediums, the more trustworthy your product or service appears. Managing clients brands and enforcing brand consistency has been one of our strongest services here at Inspired Creations. Infact, our two newest clients have come to us primarily for this service.

One client of ours, has an established brand. But, over the years they have worked with multiple designers and without a brand manager, which has caused their branding to become inconsistent. They hired us to manage their brand and enforce their brand identity. Our first step was to review their corporate identity package, all marketing materials, and their web presence to see where there were inconsistencies. The greatest inconsistency we found was with their logo graphic. So our first item of business was to bring consistency to their logo image without altering their established identity. We did this by not changing the colors or the image itself, but making sure all elements within the image were consistent across the different size variations needed by our client. Our next step was to create some new ads and web banners using this new consistent logo graphic. Once we brought consistency back to their brand, it is solely our job to maintain it. We do that by not just designing new materials consistent with their brand positioning but by being their point person when working with vendors or the media. The benefit of hiring a design company to manage your brand is that, since they hold all your assets, you can be sure everything that is released to the public is consistent with your brand identity and positioning.

Our other new client came to us specifically for brand management. We have worked with this person in this capacity many times over the years so it was exciting to get the call asking us to manage his brand for his new business venture. Being a smart entrepreneur, he had already created a great brand identity and was well on his way to establishing a presence in the market place with no outside help. But with his brand growing so quickly he needed to hire someone to not only continue to design consistent materials but to manage their assets and the release of their assets. We have been working with them now for 6 months and have designed multiple print marketing materials, advertising, packaging and signage as well as being their contact for the release of any assets to vendors or the media.

We view Brand Management as our most important service. After creating your brand their is nothing more important than to hire someone to make sure your it stays consistent with your vision and positioning. Look to us as a long term partner. Whether you are an entrepreneur needing a brand identity or an owner of a company with an already established brand, Inspired Creations can help. We ensure that your branding is kept consistent across all marketing materials and advertising mediums and that your core values consistently fit in with your long term business strategy. The phrase “long term” is key. Leading brands are normally leading because they have had many years of consistency behind them. The trick is to have in place a clear ideas of your brand and then the right people in place to guard and enforce it.

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