I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was working with you on the brochure for VIP Sober Living Center. It was without a doubt, one of the most pleasant and enjoyable business experiences I have had in quite some time. Developing a brochure for an Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center was not an easy process, but you were able to blend your creative talents with our vision and create EXACTLY what we were looking for. One of the best parts of working through the process with you was not only noticing your attention to the details, but also how well you listened to what we needed. Your ability to listen and create not only kept the proper amount of energy in the project, but also allowed us to take the time necessary to get it done right. I wanted to encourage you to not only use this letter as a business reference when developing future clients, but also know that I encourage anyone to pick up the phone and call me so I can let them know personally how pleased we were with your work. You are not only a great business contact, but your love for what you do shines brightly for anyone fortunate enough to retain your company.

Managing Director, VIP Sober Living Center