In the mist of putting together a top notch Catalog for our clientele, we sought out for a designer with on open mind to give some creative freedom to with little input from us, and Nichole @ Inspired Creations was definitely the right choice. Within our company, we have to cater to many types of industries from Home user to racing, and dealing with the government, so we needed the perfect Catalog that would fit all needs, and with in our first meeting, Nichole came back with a foundation that was exactly what we we’re looking for. Any literature a company hands out to hopefully gain sales is a direct representation of you and your business and it must be perfect not to overwhelming and just the right amount of info, and the Catolog Nichole designed for us we have now shows what we are serious and we mean business in a friendly manor. Thank you Inspired Creations for giving us the material to show our potential customers what years of hard work and craftsmanship really is.

Owner, Delson Products Inc.