Nichole Hill of Inspired Creations created and perfected my brand! When designing my company name, logo, and business cards, Nichole took initiative and helped me brainstorm ideas and she didn't stop until we had come up with something so perfect that we both said 'That's it!' Because I had absolutely NO idea what I wanted, she gave me picture books, color books, and idea books galore! She and I scoured the pages and I pointed out what I liked visually, and from there she knew what direction to take. She was not afraid to voice her opinion, and yet she did it in such a perfectly, conciliatory way that I felt heard by her, while at the same time gently prodded in the right direction. She was incredibly patient with my minute attention-to-detail, and did not stop until I deemed it perfect! I am VERY particular, as my branding is of utmost importance, and where some might get frustrated, she remained calm, advisory, consultative, and open-minded every step of the way. I am constantly blown away by her creative flare! If you demand unending creativity, abundant patience, and attention to detail, then Inspired Creations is for you!

President, Keynote Speaker, Coach, P3 Living