Integrity and Business

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My father always told me to have integrity in business and never burn any bridges. I have taken that to heart now that I own and run a design business. I believe, integrity is essential in conducting business without it you or your brand have no substance. How you conduct your business can have great influence on those you interact with. I believe the word “Integrity” has many facets. Below I have broken out what integrity  means to me and how it is applied to all aspects of my business.

  • I is for INITIATIVE:

    In business it is important to begin and follow thru with a plan or task. Take the initiative to do the right thing and be proactive when it comes to your business and clients. I have found that my clients are so appreciative when I have emerged myself so much in their brand that I am proactive with giving them “head up” to potential problems or inconsistencies with in their product or service as well as informing them of ways that they can grow and expand their business or brand presence. Following thru is key. Your actions have to match your words when it comes to business.

  • N is for NEEDS:

    Find the need and fill it. This applies to your client as well as their customer. Its important to know what your clients needs are when you begin your partnership with them and to continue to check in to be sure you are continuing to meet their ever growing needs. Equally important is to do, due diligence in researching your clients product or service and know their customer. By knowing their customer you can guide your client in how to better reach or service their customers needs.

  • T is for TRUST:

    Behaving with integrity builds trust among the people you are dealing with and in business this is essential. Trust coupled with excellence (our next word) acquaints to repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. A strong trustworthy partnership means a strong business and a strong business means a strong brand.

  • E is for EXCELLENCE:

    To be successful you need to do everything with a quality of excellence. In design especially, it is said, “you are only as good as your last project”. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect it means you conduct your business with high standards and settle for nothing less then your best.

  • G is for GUARANTEE:

    If you conduct your business with the highest standards and settle for nothing other then your best then you have no problems guaranteeing your work or service. A guarantee is not just assurance for your client or customer but it speaks volumes about your work ethic and character.

  • R is for RESPECT:

    One of the most effective way you can be a positive influence in business is showing respect. The greatest demonstration of respect is when it is shown to someone who may not have given it. Respect is at the core of the phrase my father always said, “Don’t burn any bridges in business”. We all have had experiences working with difficult people. Continuing to show respect  and speaking with respect well after that person or situation is no longer, shows that you conduct your business with an attitude of esteem towards others.

  • I is for INTELLIGENCE:

    Know your business or service. Know your clients business or service. Only by doing this, do you have the ability to learn or understand or deal with new or trying situations that may arise. Be teachable. Never believe you know it all. We live in a world that is ever changing so it is important to stay up with how things are changing, transforming and advancing. An intelligent business owner also acknowledges when they may not have the answers and then follows up with diligent research and a successful solution.

  • T is for TEAMWORK:

    It is often said, “Two head are better then one”. This is where teamwork comes into play. Whether you lead a team or are on a team, working together is the key. Sometimes it may be just you and your client. Well, thats your team. Your client is your VIP, so to speak, of your team. They are the closest to their brand and can give you great insight that graphs and figures may not. Teamwork is give and take. The most effective teamwork is when several associates work with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the task or goal. When working on a team, know your skills  and best attributes. Its important to position yourself within the team to best utilize those skills and attributes. I consider all my working partnerships a team whether its with one person or 20.

  • Y is for YOU:

    You can make a difference in this world. How you live your life is a direct reflection of you to the core. You are not going to be perfect but always conduct your self with integrity even if its cleaning up a mistake you have made. If you make sure the person people see and interact with is the person you truly are, you will be successful with whatever you put your mind to.